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Nothing Less Than Custom

We work only with manufacturers with proven methodology to deliver unique products. Each product in our store is hand pick and tasted by us. We make sure they use a similar process for the food pouch sterilization as the one used when producing MRE pouches but other than that everything is unique.

Individual MREs

Our hand-picked variety of MRE side dishes and MRE entrees is prepared for dispatch.

Complete MRE Meals

We offer an extensive selection of hand picked wholesome MRE meals from top providers.


We are a certified wholesale distributor for XMRE, Eversafe and Omeals self-heating meals. 


MRE Giant is a one-stop store where you can find civilian MREs for sale such as military mre meals from US top providers as XMRE. Civilian type of MREs from not less famous trademark Eversafe MREs.

Besides to our extended range of self-stable food, we also offer excellent homestyle Omeals meals for any outdoor adventures, created by outdoor lovers and entrepreneurs with leading industry knowledge and experience.

Self-heating Meals

All our self-heating, shelf-stable meals do not require refrigeration, all meals can be safely stored at room temperature in sealed pouch. Patented heating technology and typical homestyle flavor ensure you can have nutritious and delicious meal wherever and whenever you go.

Whether you enjoy climbing, mountaineering, trekking or any other outdoor activities at some point you need to reenergize and what is the better way than having a homestyle hot meal to boost the morals in middle of nowhere. All our meals can be eaten anywhere and anytime, be it on top of a mountain or on a boat.

homestyle self-heating meals
  • Fat
  • Cholesterol
  • Sodium
  • Carbohydrate
omeals self-heating meals - made for adventure
homestyle meals

Civilian MREs For Sale

Balanced nutrition diet has lots to do with any outdoor activities performance. In fact, eating properly is beneficial for your overall health. With every meal, you should have a healthy dose of proteins, proteins are crucial to muscle recovery after an exhausting climb, trek or anything else you may experience out there.

It takes a lot of planning and some serious commitment preparing a balanced diet for several outdoor activities. All of this planning is not easy and most of the time quite heavy to carry in your backpack. You won’t need any of it with the range of self-heating meals from us.


Proteins Intake


"This is NOT the nasty MRE of old days! Overall I am very pleased and will likely purchase more of these"

"Needed fast delivery for our next hike, MGiant didn't fail back us up even with one day notice"

"Friendly customer service, answered all my amateurish questions with patience"

What are MRE meals?

MREs are also known as Meals Ready to Eat, although some call them self-heating meals. These unique meals feature entrees, sides, and snacks. They were originally developed by the American armed forces for service personnel in the field. Every meal is designed in such a way to provide a soldier, sailor, pilot, or marine the nutrition they need to carry out their duties while still having meals and rations that are portable.

Since MREs are ready to be used right away, they’re convenient in a number of varying circumstances. These include things like camping, backpacking, emergency supplies, and 72-hour kits. You can eat an MRE cold, just straight out of its packaging. You can also heat it up with an MRE heater.

You can select from a variety of choices which include things like entrees, desserts, drinks, and snacks. You can also do your shopping by cases and combos, complete meals, or just individual MREs. Our variety of options alongside our incredibly low prices means you won’t find deals on MREs like ours anywhere else!

Why choose MREs?
MRE stands for ‘Meals Ready to Eat.’ These creative packages were the brainchild of the United States military and the Department of Defense, so that service men and women could eat both snacks or full meals in both training and combat situations in the field. MREs are actually critical in many civilian uses too, particularly in emergencies or stockpiling supplies for a crisis or disaster. The civilian market has a wide range of MREs available, and most need the calorie and nutrition requirements of a person when normal access to either food or conventional meal preparation is not available. This can happen in survival situations, floods, mandatory evacuations, and even storms and power outages.


When you have the right MREs in your stockpile, you can rely on them for taste, nutrition, and quality. These meals are named appropriately, as you can eat them right away anytime since they come packaged in easily-stored and functional containers. The foods contained are always easy to get ready, even in an emergency situation. All you need is some water and 10 minutes of patience. Since MREs are so easy to store, you can add them to any emergency kit, even one for your car, truck, or other vehicle. These packets are designed to have a shelf life far extended from what you normally get at the grocery store, so you can always be ready, no matter what happens.

Recreational adventurers can also find our MRE products tremendously helpful in their endeavors. Simplify your snacking and meal prep outside and spend more time having fun when you add MRE packets to the gear you pack for hiking and camping. You can even enjoy things like desserts and seasonings with our selection, which also features tasty options like bacon and eggs, savory chicken, and shredded beef.

Making the effort to be ready for emergency situations is worth every minute. When you have a sufficient supply of MREs, you can stand ready for any crisis. Look over our options, and you’ll see 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year supply options covering all three meals of the day. You can even customize your choices for desserts and drinks. High volume orders are likely to enjoy bulk pricing, so stock up on things know and round out your emergency supplies with high-caliber MRE options.

MREs: The packaging and extended shelf life
The pouch packaging of MREs is flexible, durable, and resilient in tough conditions. That means you get an extended shelf life of all the food contained within. MREs are already precooked and self-contained, so you don’t have to refrigerate them. You can even eat them cold if you want, but they do taste better when heated. Storage temperature is the biggest factor in determining their shelf life, but you can expect most products to last 5 years, and possibly up to 7. Cooler temperature storage helps them last longer.
MREs with a published production date
You can trust our MREs thanks to their published production dates, based on the manufacturing information we discover for each inventory. We’ve earned our reputation as a trusted supplier of MREs, and that’s because we’ve stuck with the same reliable sources for over a generation. We don’t buy from third-party vendors whose sources are unknown to us, nor do we fill our product line from anything scraped off of eBay auctions or Amazon listings. We vouch for the authenticity of our MREs, and that’s why our customers continue to trust us.

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